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God Destruction - «Cyborg»


On September 15, 2022, the tooth-crushing Mexicans of GOD DESTRUCTION are ready to release the next single «Cyborg». Traditionally powerful and assertive Black Electro in the best traditions of the project!                   TRACKLIST: 1. Cyborg   Order «Cyborg» • All links to order in one   Another good news for all […]

God Destruction — «Panzerfaust»

«Panzerfaust» by GOD DESTRUCTION

Another 2 years have passed and GOD DESTRUCTION unexpectedly strikes at bored fans. The new musical beat received the telling name «Panzerfaust». As before, the project is an uncompromising phenomenon who does not want to bring anything, but aggression and hatred into the world… GOD… GOD DESTRUCTION One cycle ends and another begins. Symphony inspired by […]

MIDIAN DITE - «My Little Perverse Doll»

New single by MIDIAN DITE – «My Little Perverse Doll»

«My Little Perverse Doll» is the first single from the new album called «Vive Deliciosamente», this song and video is a tribute to artists like GOYA and his black paintings, Alfred Kubin, Aleksandra Walisewska among other artists, as well as movies like the mask of the red death, the witch etc. I give my point […]

Reality's Despair - «Normative Conformity»

New 7th LP «Normative Conformity» by REALITY’S DESPAIR

No room for politeness anymore: REALITY’S DESPAIR strikes back against current normative conformity, against our waning liberty and freedom of choice. In an attempt to break the imposed narrative by the Global World Order, join our cause ! Take over the dancefloor with our new songs, and move your body for a better and a just […]

TerrorX - «Bereit»

New LP «Bereit» by Deutsch one-man project TERRORX

The German project (since 2008) TERRORX releases the new album «Bereit» for the first time on a label. So far, everything has been carried out and implemented in-house. “I’m proud to announce that a cooperation with INSANE RECORDS has come about.” The new album promises, in the old manner, 10 experimental Dark Electro titles full of […]

Alien:Nation - «The Age Of Satan»

New EP «The Age Of Satan» by ALIEN:NATION

What’s cracking, what’s rotting Xenomorphs, Reptilians, Dogons, Ashtarians, Draconians, Greys, and all galactic races out there! ALIEN:NATION returned to this planet to levitate it from the astral cemetary! This is the cult of the galactic goat, this is the age of the Baphomet, we present to all of you: «The Age Of Satan», an EP […]

Slichtnacht Logo

New project – Slichtnacht

INSANE RECORDS are pleased to announce a new collaboration! Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to present to you the Mexican project SLICHTNACHT Founded by Signo Slichtnacht in mid-2021 in Mexico City, SLICHTNACHT is a dark electronic music project with a variable style depending on the theme of each song; ranging from Futurepop to Aggrotech. It is influenced by projects like SUICIDE COMMANDO, AGONOIZE and CENTHRON. […]

Unidad Obscura - «Entre La Agonia»

New LP by UNIDAD OBSCURA – «Entre La Agonia»

UNIDAD OBSCURA project has released a new LP «Entre La Agonia». The project originally appeared in Peru, and now based in the USA is engaged in musical art in the genre of Dark Electro. The melodic construction of the tracks is combined with almost classic Dark Electro vocals in Spanish «Entre La Agonia» is a new […]


New project – TerrorX

INSANE RECORDS are pleased to announce a new collaboration! Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to present to you the German project TERRORX TERRORX is a one-man project founded in 2008 in the town of Thuringia (Suhl) in Germany. The founder is Sepp developing his music in an experimental mix of Dark Electro and Industrial. Until 2021, […]

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