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Blutreaktor — «Post Mortem»


INSANE RECORDS is pleased to announce a new member of the label and its release! American Dark Electro project from New York – BLUT REAKTOR. This is a one-man formation that originated back in 2008, the only member of which is John Noir. On May 25, the new digital EP «Post Mortem» will be released on […]

Chem — «Biez Nas»

New project in INSANE RECORDS roster – CHEM

Replenishment in the army of INSANE RECORDS! The Belarusian project CHEM has joined the INSANE RECORDS family and will release their first joint work in the near future. The single «Biez Nas» with the title song of the same name will be released on May 6, the birthday of the project leader. CHEM is a Dark […]


New line of digital compilations by INSANE RECORDS – «Elektroggression»

Friends, I am pleased to announce the creation of a new line of digital compilations from INSANE RECORDS called «Elektroggression». In this regard, I declare an open submissions of tracks, if you want to participate in this compilation, then you need to send a simple request for info@insane-records.com Link to download the track (mastered wav, 44.1 kHz, […]

Reality's Despair - «Perfidious Depopulation»

New LP by REALITY’S DESPAIR – «Perfidious Depopulation»

REALITY’S DESPAIR is a Belgian one-man project with a complex and long history, the project was formed in 1997 and over the next three years independently released several releases, after which it was frozen for 18 years. After many years of wandering, Tom found a new impulse and began to work on new tracks, releasing […]



«Murder On The Dancefloor» is a collaboration between Shane Aungst, Insane Records and the radio show Terror Night.   The release is divided into two parts and is based on the first four parts of our CD compilation Terror Night – Vol. 1 Industrial Madness (band.link/Me6sy) – Vol. 2 Sounds Of The Dead Future (band.link/NsS1H) […]

Alien:Nation - «Misanthropic Affection»

New single by ALIEN:NATION – «Misanthropic Affection»

Most recently, we announced our collaboration with the most powerful Colombian aggrotech  project ALIEN:NATION and today are ready to present the first joint work of the single «Misanthropic Affection». This work is an aperitif before the upcoming second full-length album of the guys, which will be released soon on 2 CD! The single includes the […]

Distoxia - «Genocidio Espiritual»

3rd LP by Chilean project DISTOXIA – «Genocidio Espiritual»

The Chilean project DISTOXIA returns after 3 years with a new, 3rd full-length album «Genocidio Espiritual». The composition of the work includes 10 original tracks that have a fantastic basis mixed with human feelings, raising the consciousness of the most terrible beasts from the underworld. «Genocidio Espiritual» is quite melodic Dark Electro, connected with trance notes and […]

Pro Patria - «Godless»

New band at INSANE RECORDS and new LP «Godless» by PRO PATRIA

It’s no secret that February 24 is a special day for all fans of Electronic Body Music. This year, together with our new label member, we have prepared a great gift! Everything happened quite spontaneously, but I am immensely happy that a project with such a name and a baggage of musical activity, which is […]

Scars Are Soulless - «Vendetta»

Debut LP by american Electro-Industrial project SCARS ARE SOULLESS – «Vendetta»

Recently, INSANE RECORDS has introduced a new member to its roster – Chip Calise, a musician and founder of the American one-man project SCARS ARE SOULLESS. A collaboration with which I am proud. It’s time to announce an LP that has gone through a lot, It can’t be called new, but at the same time, it […]

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