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3rd LP by Chilean project DISTOXIA – «Genocidio Espiritual»

Distoxia - «Genocidio Espiritual»The Chilean project DISTOXIA returns after 3 years with a new, 3rd full-length album «Genocidio Espiritual». The composition of the work includes 10 original tracks that have a fantastic basis mixed with human feelings, raising the consciousness of the most terrible beasts from the underworld. «Genocidio Espiritual» is quite melodic Dark Electro, connected with trance notes and one of the classic types of vocals for this genre, deaf, screaming, coming to us from somewhere in the bowels of hell. In this work, DISTOXIA made a greater emphasis on tracks with lyrics, which make up the main part of the album.
The LP also includes 5 different remixes from colleagues on the workshop – EMPYRES & VISCERA DRIP, GODLESS CROSS, CYBERLICH, SECTOR 516, SHINIGAMI IND.

Get to know everyone, especially since it doesn’t happen often!


1. En El Plano De Las Sombras
2. Armadura De Clavos
3. Legiones Invertidas
4. Salvajismo Primordial
5. Contemplador Del Ocaso
6. Conjurador Astral
7. Sol Artificial
8. Portadora De Tormentas
9. Presencias Invasoras
10. Miles De Recuerdos
11. Contemplador Del Ocaso (Empyres VS Viscera Drip Remix)
12. Sol Artificial (Morning Star Remix by Godless Cross)
13. Legiones Invertidas (Sector 516 Remix)
14. Portadora De Tormentas (Shinigami IND Remix)
15. Armadura De Clavos (Kevlar Vest Version Reforged by CyberLich)


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Release Date: March 15, 2021
INSANE RECORDS / INSCD #022 / INSDigital #022
CD, 6 panel Digipak with Slipcase, hand numbered copies.
Limited Edition: 100 copies
Available at:
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All music, lyrics, instruments and vocals by Distoxia
Album cover by Distoxia
Mastered by Artem Afanasiev