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3rd LP by DISTORTED WORLD calls «Storm And Silence»

The third longplay by DISTORTED WORLD – «Storm and Silence» is soon to be released. April 14 is set as the date to unleash the new darker sound of the Moscow-based duo.
Here’s a teaser of the upcoming album.

«Storm and Silence» modifies the band’s sound through its obscure electronic essence. Radiating equanimity at a first glance, the music evolves on the verge of emotional explosion. The new CD includes a sublime remix by LEAETHER STRIP.


Distorted WorldFormed in 2010, ​DISTORTED WORLD ​consist​s​ of Ivan M. (music, vocals, lyrics) and Angelina L. (vocals, lyrics). Filled with analog synth pulsations, intense orchestrations and chorals, the band’s music frames harsh male and soaring female vocals.

After being a keyboardist for ANTHRACITIC MOTHS, Ivan M. put all energies into his own project, which was eventually called DISTORTED WORLD. His lyrics are inspired by mystical and dark fantasy novels by writers such as Clark Ashton Smith, Glen Cook and William Hope Hodgson. Female vocals are performed by Angelina L., who transcribes her subliminal thoughts throughout her lyrics.

Release Date: April 14, 2017.
Label: INSANE RECORDS / INSCD #010 (INSDigital #010)
Packaging: 6 panel Digipak with Slipcase, Pit Art technology, hand numbered copies.
Edition: 300 copies
Available at: Official label Shop, Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Google Play and 25+ other major digital distribution platforms of the world.


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