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ALIEN:NATION is a Dark Electro / Aggrotech project influenced by Black Metal and Occultism, formed in the year of 2014 in the depths of saturn, formed by Exophantom and Juan Hexpyware, in Bogota – Colombia.

The concept of the band was born influenced by alien life, outer space, science fiction and transhumanism, both musically and lyrically. Principally driven by Black Metal, EBM, Hard Techno, alien technology, nihilism, multiverse, outer space, Cyberpunk, non stop hard sounds and science fiction. The proposal is focused on the cosmic aggressiveness of Industrial Hellectro sound.  A distinctive characteristic of ALIEN:NATION has been the mixture of elements from different musical genres, and the highlighted influence of its members by heavy sounds, which results in a fresh, powerful, mystical and outer world sound. Basically, ALIEN:NATION is the product of the need to capture what we feel, we are happy of being able to materialize our ideas in sounds reaching worldwide listener.

Is in the year of 2016 when its two mastermind members of ALIEN:NATION decided to launch to the public their first official full-length work entitled «Deconsecrate The Galaxy» with collaborations from friendly projects and with a career in the genre with remix like ANIMASSACRE, BINARY DIVISION, STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET and feat. with VISCERA DRIP and AVARICE IN AUDIO. Having this release a great reception and a great success. Starting in the local circuit, we had support from local bands that are dedicated to the dissemination of the industrial around the world, this is how the project begins to play in various events, positioning its name more and more. Time passes by, meanwhile ALIEN:NATION appears with remixes internationally and it is in the year of 2017 that ALIEN:NATION releases an EP with a more complex and solid sound, called «Xenocyber Dystopia E.P», with several great collaborations by projects like  DYM, ARISE-X, EXEMIA and many others, that made their remixes for the so called EP. That way, the band begins to have many more listeners who are into the genre and quality that the project begins to take, which continues to release remixes with long-standing projects of Dark Electro and EBM, as well as featurings, and some songs in compilations were which the band has been invited to be part of. The year 2017 is too important for the name of ALIEN:NATION as a consolidated project, where several official remixes are released for bands of important trajectory such as ALIEN VAMPIRES, TOTEM OBSCURA, C-LEKKTOR, BINARY DIVISION, ESSENCE OF MIND, DEVIL-M, ES23 and many others, obtaining great reception among the world industrial scene.

Currently ALIEN:NATION is in the process of incubating y releasing of the new single titled «Misanthropic Affection»





  • Hexpyware – Vocals, Lyrics, Design Layout, Logo
  • Exophantom – Music Production, Synths, Lyrics



  • EP «Demo» (2015, WEB / Self-release)
  • LP «Deconsecrate The Galaxy» (2016, 2xCD & WEB / DSBP / Self-Release)
  • EP «Xenocyber Dystopia E.P.» (2017, CD & WEB / DSBP / Self-Release)
  • Single «Ethereal Black Magic» (2019, WEB / Self-Release)
  • Single «Misanthropic Affection» (2021, WEB / Insane Records)
  • LP «Extraterrestrial BIOS Systemshell» (2021, CD & WEB / Insane Records)