Dark Independent Label


Blut Reaktor

BLUT REAKTOR formed in 2008 By John Noir as he releases his instrumental albums «In Limbo», «Pyro» and «Insomnia».  In 2013 he released «In Limbo» with vocals along with a «Self Titled EP».

In 2015 BLUT REAKTOR release new LP «In Vain» on a label along with Monique Decay as backup Vocalist. The album was given praise for its nostalgic tone of old school industrial. Also hitting top of the best sellers charts on bandcamp.

In 2020 BLUT REAKTOR released a EP «Tales From The Flesh» and a new version of «In Vain Redux». Project currently working on a second full length slated for 2021.




  • John Noir – Vocal, Music, Lyrics
  • Monique Decay – Back Vocal



  • LP «In Limbo» (2008, WEB / Self Release) 
  • LP «Pyro» (2009, WEB / Self Release)
  • LP «Insomnia» (2009, WEB / Self Release)
  • LP «In Limbo Redux» (2013, WEB / Self Release)
  • EP «Self Titled EP» (2013, WEB / Self Release)
  • LP «In Vain» (2015, WEB / Underground Industrial Records)
  • EP «Tales From The Flesh» (2020, WEB / Underground Industrial Records)
  • EP «Post Mortem» (2021, WEB / Insane Records)
  • EP «Sins Of The Flesh» (2021, WEB / Insane Records)