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CHAMAELEON were formed in 2009 by Alex. Soon after His brother Nico “Azie” joined the project on the synthesizers and backing vocals on stage.
CHAMAELEON music is more influenced by the Latin American school of aggrotech rather than German/European. Very melodic and trancy but yet aggressive and harsh. The lyrics are explicit and provoking. All combined with a visual style and attitude that is influenced by sci-fi/action movies as well as by goth club world.

In 2013 the band signs with ARTIFICIAL SUN to release their debut album «SicK | perVerTed». The album had 7 original compositions and 2 remixes made by BIOMECHANIMAL (UK) and by HEADSHOCK (GR). The album «SicK | perVerTed» makes it to the first position as album of the year 2013 on the Dark Belarus Industrial/EBM/Sunthpop Community.

In 2015 CHAMAELEON were featured in the biggest industrial/aggrotech/ebm compilation «Endzeit Bunkertracks act VII» with their song ‘Suppression‘.
The song ‘Suppression‘ spawned a digital 4 track EP with an exclusive track ‘Foot Fetish‘ plus two remixes done by EXEMIA and SYNAPSYCHE. In December of the
same year the band released their second full length album «Evil Is Good». The album includes 11 original tracks mixed and mastered at Lunatech Sounds Studios
by Dimitris Douvras and it also includes 2 remixes by AMDUSCIA and C-LEKKTOR.



  • Alexandros ‘Alex’ Tepiskidis – Vocals, Lyrics, Music
  • Nikos ‘Azie’ Tepiskidis – Music, Live-keyboards



  • LP «SicK | perVerTed» (2013, CD & WEB / Artificial Sun)
  • EP «Suppression» (2015, WEB / Insane Records)
  • LP «Evil Is Good» (2015, CD & WEB / Insane Records)