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Debut LP «Cruel Bastards» by EMPYRES!!!

Empyres - «Cruel Bastards»

Meet the debut LP from the American/Swedish duo EMPYRES!

EMPYRES, a brand new name in Dark Electro orbit. In this case, one can not call the duet a “novice”, since it consists of Justin Thiele (VISCERA DRIP) & Fredrik Croona (CYNICAL EXISTENCE, CROONA, ROTNCORE). They are quite experienced and famous guys for making a sonic resonance, agree?

After «The Immortals» single release, the guys are ready to present to an audience their full-length album called «Cruel Bastards» consisting of 10 tracks, backed up with 3 remixes by VISCERA DRIP, CYBERLICH, SUPPRESSOR. Among other things, you may find a bonus on the disc or at the digital version of LP.

The musical style advocated by Justin and Fredrik is filled with melodic electronic modules and skillfully combined interesting transitions between tempo, bass and motifs. Complicated lyrics and aggressive vocals make the tracks truly brutal, but in no case less danceable. On the contrary, catchy melodies and hard rhythm are made for playing this album in smoky and loud clubs.



1. Transmission Intro
2. Fire
3. Digitized
4. Marching On
5. Enter The Void
6. No Truth
7. The Immortals
8. Hearts Of Evil
9. The Sirens Call
10. Bastards
11. Marching On (Suppressor Rework)
12. Fire (Viscera Drip Remix)
13. Marching On (CyberLich Remix)


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Release Date: November 17, 2019
Label: INSANE RECORDS / INSCD #018 / INSDigital #018
Packaging: CD, 6 panel Digipak with Slipcase, hand numbered copies.
Limited Edition: 100 copies
Available at: Official Label Shop, Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Google Play and 25+ other major digital distribution platforms around the world.