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Distorted WorldThe mysterious and sublime music of DISTORTED WORLD is filled with analog synth pulsations, orchestrations and chorals that frame harsh male and clean female vocals. The project was founded in Moscow in 2010 by Ivan M. who was earlier known as a keyboardist of ANTHRACITIC MOTHS. Ivan is responsible for DISTORTED WORLD‘s lyrics, harsh vocals and music with the distinctive sound of analog synthesizers. Later Angelina L. joined the band and brought her clean female vocals and new ideas of lyrics.

Speaking of the lyrics, its concept was inspired by mystical and dark fantasy novels by such writers as Clark Ashton Smith, Glen Cook and William Hope Hodgson.

The first album named «Between The Strophes» was released in 2012; it was followed by the bewitching single «Personal Necropolis» (2013). Both of these works were released on the ARTIFICIAL SUN label.

In October 2014 DISTORTED WORLD released a second full-length album named «Shadow Empire» that is even more dramatic, enigmatic and charismatic. Since the release of this album, the band has been collaborating with the INSANE RECORDS label.

The CD includes remixes by such notable electro / industrial bands as VOMITO NEGRO, ACYLUM, LEAETHER STRIP and others.

The next release was preceded by a Web-EP «Drowning» (2016).

The third full-length album by DISTORTED WORLD, «Storm and Silence» (2017), develops the musical traditions of the group through its dark electronic sound and combines different gothic industrial music directions. This release also brings some changes into the band’s sound.




  • Ivan – Music, Vocals, Lyrics
  • Angelina – Female vocals



  • LP «Between The Strophes» (2012, CD & WEB / Artificial Sun)
  • Single «Personal Necropolis» (2013, CD & WEB / Artificial Sun)
  • LP «Shadow Empire» (2014, CDWEB / Insane Records)
  • EP «Drowning» (2016, WEB / Insane Records)
  • LP «Storm And Silence» (2017, CD & WEB / Insane Records) – Coming soon