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Project ELECTRIC RESISTANCE appeared in summer 2011. The first tracks were based on worlds described in the books of Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Evgeny Zamiatin and other amazing fantasy authors. As for music part the main direction of the project is Techno-Industrial mixed with all sorts of elements of other genres as from Cyberpunk and EBM to Futurepop.

The former of ELECTRIC RESISTANCE is Alexander Dmitriev. Since the first live shows live performances are supported by Pavel Grudnev as a sampler-keyboarder.
2012 was a year of a search for its own sound, experiments on stage and ways of development for the project. The first two years were the first steps in different activities of ELECTRIC RESISTANCE.

2013 could be counted as the major turning point for the project. In the beginning of the year it began to pay much attention to live performances specifically to their visual part. That spring the project was signed by Russian publisher ARTIFICIAL SUN which released the debut EP of ELECTRIC RESISTANCE called “S-Battleresistance” (rus. Боеустойчивость) on 5th June. The EP is filled with a cyberpunk spirit, an atmosphere of humans battling machines and genomodification. This CD got a lot of positive reviews from all over the world and was almost sold out. In the end of 2013 the project changed the label to rebranded INSANE RECORDS. In the end of the year ELECTRIC RESISTANCE is awarded several titles according to the members of gothic.ru:

  • The best Russian band of 2013, 5th position
  • The best new band of 2013, 5th position

In the beginning of 2014 on INSANE RECORDS there was released the digital mini-album called “Brave New Day” which included 6 new compositions. The presentation of the mini-album took place at the biggest European Industrial radio “Schwarze Welle”. Moreover, to support the release a promo-video of track ‘City’ came out which was a compilation from the project’s live shows and home studio recordings. Meanwhile, Pavel Grudnev became a rightful member of the project and ELECTRIC RESISTANCE turned from a one man band into a duet.

Currently ELECTRIC RESISTANCE is paused and the guys are working on a new project.


  • Alexander Dmitriev – Lyrics, Vocal, Music
  • Pavel Grudnev – Samples