Dark Independent Label

EMPYRES Biography


EMPYRES is a new aggressive electro project arisen from the men behind well known dark electro acts, VISCERA DRIP and CYNICAL EXISTENCE.

Justin Thiele (VISCERA DRIP) lends unabashed dance floor frenzy while Fredrik Croona (CYNICAL EXISTENCE, CROONA, ROTNCORE) belts out screams and growls with machine precision. EMPYRES formed in 2018 with an idea to bring back the sound of early 2000’s Hellektro from the likes of now defunct projects like DIOXYDE, VIRTUAL EMBRACE and SUPREME COURT, but went beyond a simple expectation of a revival and created something uniquely it’s own.

Razor sharp leads and dark pounding rhythms alongside vicious words about a world left in ruins by mankind. EMPYRES will get the blood pumping and the sweat pouring, the return to harsh dance music you’ve been waiting for!





  • Justin Thiele – Music
  • Fredrik Croona – Vocal, Lyrics



  • Single «The Immortals» (2019, WEB / Insane Records)
  • LP «Cruel Bastards» (2019, CD & WEB / Insane Records)
  • Single «Digitized» (2020, WEB / Insane Records)
  • Single «The Sirens Call» (2020, WEB / Insane Records)