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Hypermond. Biography


HYPERMOND. is a Russian analogue EBM internet project with female vocals between Antwerp
(Belgium) and Ann Arbor (Michigan, USA) by Masha TZKTLPK and Nick Zoll.

The name “hypermonde” originates from the French and refers to “imaginary worlds” as well as
“the immaterial space created by the convergence of information technologies”.
HYPERMOND. makes somber analog EBM music with lyrics in various languages. It’s universe is
at the same time highly technological, surrealistic and proto-archaic, where, in spite of modern
alienation, we must at the same time encounter our inner fears, nightmares and subconscious.
Thus, cold and modern synths encounter emotional performance and retro-inspired images and
interlaced texts.

HYPERMOND. is inspired by older sounds and melodies to pursue new,
unconventional ways. Each song is a fine handcraft that defies the normal “copy paste”
movement in electronic music: many of the tracks are made manually, each text selected,
translated and worked through, each image individually encoded and designed.
After the first single «Deus» is planned for the end of November 2019, a release of the EP under
the name «D.», which will also include several remixes from Germany, Belgium, Belorus and Russia as well as a bonus track featuring Evgeny Gurov (STRONG PRODUCT).




  • Masha TZKTLPK – Vocal, Lyrics
  • Nick Zoll – Music



  • Single «Deus» (2019, WEB / Self-Release)
  • Single «Doxa» (2019, WEB / Self-Release)
  • EP «D.» (2019, WEB / Self-Release)
  • EP «D. (Insane Edition)» (2021, WEB / Insane Records)