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New Insane: JESUS COMPLEX is back from the grave!!!

Jesus Complex The gothic industrial project JESUS COMPLEX has returned from the grave after a long absence. JESUS COMPLEX has recorded a new album, «Live A Little – Die A Little», to be released in March 2017 on INSANE RECORDS, after having been on hiatus the last few years.

JESUS COMPLEX (from “Reverend” Damon Fries) is heavy, dark, haunting, angry, vindictive electronic music. Inspired by horror, heartbreak, death, despair and revenge – sinister anthems for dark, moody, pessimistic souls, a toxic blend of heavy dancefloor darkness, distorted, tortured vocals and haunting, gothic atmospheres.

In the past, JESUS COMPLEX has performed numerous shows in Europe, alongside groups like VNV NATION, CLAN OF XYMOX, XOTOX and more. The project took a long break while Damon worked on his other darkwave project BOUDOIR, but has found new inspiration in 2016. JESUS COMPLEX returned in 2016 at the Lima Dark Festival in Peru, playing guitar with Brazilian sinners PECADORES, and doing guest vocals with DECODED FEEDBACK.

The return to stage and fantastic response has inspired JESUS COMPLEX to perform live again, filling in on vocals for DECODED FEEDBACK in Oslo, Norway at the Xelebration Festival – and for the Halloween period, JESUS COMPLEX traveled back to South America to play in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Santiago, Chile – in Chile, at the massive OpenBlondie Halloween party. In addition, he did some DJ sets in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires, Argentina. With the great response from the new material and live performances, JESUS COMPLEX is looking forward to a busy 2017 and is already planning some European tours.

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