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Mechanical Paradise

MECHANICAL PARADISE is a Mexican Electro Aggrotech band formed by Carlos Alvarado, better known as Gotham, in 2014.

The sound of the band is based in the classic style of Aggrotech, with touches of Industrial and Dark Electro influenced by well-known bands from the scene such as HOCICO and SUICIDE COMMANDO, developing MECHANICAL PARADISE’s own style over time.

The band’s first appearance was in a club in Mexico city along with Ares (EINSAMKEIT), on the synths and sequences, playing songs from MECHANICAL PARADISE’s homonymous demo album. Such was the appreciation by the audience, that they were invited to partake in a festival with bands like REAXION GUERILLA and CARVED SOUL.

The same year after the debut, their first album «Human» was released as a starting point for some tours over the country with bands like CENTHRON, LARVA, HOCICO, C-LEKKTOR, GOD DESTRUCTION among others.

In 2018 after having released some single tracks «¿Dónde está tu dios comes to light. The single would open the way for the band to being recognized internationally and earn popularity in the electro scene.

In 2020 they release the album «Entre El Cielo Y El Infierno», which shows a change in their sound, but still keeping the electronic style with highlights such as «¿Dónde está tu dios and  ‘No hay más allá. This new album also features collaborations with the Colombian-based band ALIEN:NATION, EINSAMKEIT, ALISTAR FREAK and ANGUSTIA.

For many, MECHANICAL PARADISE is one of the bands that will take up the baton from those mexican bands from the 90s and 00s.




  • Gotham – Vocal, Music, Lyrics



  • Demo «Mechanical Paradise» (2014, WEB / Self Release)
  • LP «Human» (2014, WEB / Self Release) 
  • EP «¿Dónde está tu dios?» (2018, WEB / Self Release)
  • EP «Entre El Cielo Y El Infierno» (2020, WEB / Self Release)
  • Remix LP «Music For The Machines» (2021, WEB / Insane Records)