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New album by GOD DESTRUCTION – «Redentor»

Notorious religion rippers GOD DESTRUCTION are ready to present their 3rd full-length album «Redentor». As always sledge and uncompromising sound of these mexicans once again unmasks religion extracting bowels from the most hidden corners of a church. Distorted vocals coupled with hard guitar riffs and forthright hardcore electronics capture the listener's mind by force and bring him the truth about christianity.
The release is supported by PSYCLON NINE and SIN D.N.A. presenting us their vision of the tracks.

The release date is scheduled for February 16, 2016. CD version will be available for shipment on 5 March.
The album will be released with support of Insane Records label as original set of double layer mat slipcase + 6-panel mat digipack + CD including also a booklet/poster.
Release will be available on all biggest digital distributors like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon MP3, etc

Digital bonus remix is available for the customers ordering the release through bandcamp or the official label site.

At the moment you may listen to 2 tracks from the album at the official label page at insane-records.bandcamp.com, and also you may check this event for the updates on the release.

  • 1. Redentor
  • 2. The Machine
  • 3. Ratzinger
  • 4. Bullshit
  • 5. Corpus Satani
  • 6. Kakuma (The Unholy Land)
  • 7. Thunderthrone
  • 8. Exterminio
  • 9. Ultraviolencia
  • 10. Rotten
  • 11. Antevasin
  • 12. Redentor (Nero Bellum of Psyclon Nine Version)
  • 13. Ultraviolencia (SIN D.N.A. Remix)
  • 14. Redentor (Thornsectide Remix) (Digital bonus track)


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