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New LP by DISTOXIA is coming

Distoxia - «Visiones De Medianoche»The Chilean one-man band DISTOXIA in collaboration with INSANE RECORDS label is about to release a new full-length work called «Visiones De Medianoche», that will be available in physical and digital format.

The album is expected in early 2018 and will represent a 13-track-long dance epic with a well-balanced cocktail of vocal and instrumental works. In addition to the original tracks, «Visiones De Medianoche» includes two remixes by C-LEKKTOR & FREAKANGEL, and a brutal high voltage collaboration with REAXION GUERRILLA.

The music base of the album is non-traditional dark electro with a distinctive sound of Latin America school. Distorted vocals, rhythmic beats and melodic trance notes will turn the common listening into a pleasant euphoria and lead to instant oblivion.

INSANE RECORDS is going to make a classic release and limit the edition to 150 copies. Digital copies will be available at the official label store and Bandcamp, as well as on all major digital platforms. Sure we can’t leave the fans hungry, so wait for the album video preview and a track lyric video. These teasers will make you swoon over the upcoming release and the expectation will not last long.



1. Desde El Otro Lado
2. Vuelo Nocturno
3. Neurosis
4. Lejanos Astros
5. Visitante
6. Habitantes Del Submundo
7. Piromancia
8. Demencia
9. Evidencias De Otro Universo
10. Murciélagos
11. Triple Hate (feat. Reaxion Guerrilla)
12. Murciélagos (Freakangel Remix)
13. Vuelo Nocturno (C-Lekktor Remix)