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New project in INSANE RECORDS roster – MIDIAN DITE

Midian DiteINSANE RECORDS is pleased to present you a new project included in the label’s roster!

Between the Metal and Industrial world, MIDIAN DITE is a Mexican band, originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, that has managed to balance both styles, exploring a vast anatomy of seduction, spirituality and brutality, in a raw and perverse soundscape. Their lyrics express empty futures and an archaic society that echoes today’s world. With this in mind, the vocal performance has a chance to stand out from the ferocity of the instrumentation. The synth builds an ambient of gloom that is complemented by guitar work that brings a touch of metal for a solid balance.

In the near future, the first result of the joint collaboration of INSANE RECORDS & MIDIAN DITE will be a new LP called «Vive Deliciosamente»