Dark Independent Label

New signing VAN ROY ASYLUM and their first EP

«Investigabiles Viae Dementiae (Extended Edition)» is an updated and expanded version of the debut release by the Russian project VAN ROY ASYLUM. The EP was first released officially on INSANE RECORDS with the very conception it was originally planned.

«Investigabiles Viae Dementiae» is the first chapter of conceptual work telling about the author’s childhood and youth in a native town of Bryansk, beginning with being high on heroin in corridors and ending with provincial mental hospitals dungeons. The EP includes 4 original tracks, 5 remixes by both Russian and world stage musicians, as well as the cover of Eurodance 90’s hit ‘Mr.Vain’ by CULTURE BEAT.

The release date is 18 November (only digital), and will be available on bandcamp and INSANE RECORDS label official webshop.