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Syncfactory - «Demon»

Debut single by SYNCFACTORY

SYNCFACTORY digital single «Demon» is a taster from an upcoming full length album called «Panopticon» with several remixes and release by Insane Records. In this Digital single you can hear also ‘Demon’ remix made by SHADES:OF:HELL and KUROSHIO of song ‘Full Scale War’, its original version will be released on the upcoming full length album. […]

Distorted World - "Shadow Empire"

New album by DISTORTED WORLD is coming

Dear friends! We are glad to inform you that the 3-rd full-length DISTORTED WORLD album recording is coming to its end! There are only few small details in track arrangments left and we proceed to mixing. The new album’s name is «Storm And Silence», and we plan to release it this fall. You have a […]

«Terror Night Vol.2 Sounds Of Dead Future»

Release «Terror Night Vol.2 Sounds Of Dead Future»

INSANE RECORDS label and TERROR NIGHT radio show collaboration is ready to release its unique «Terror Night Vol.2 Sounds Of Dead Future» compilation album that consists of 100% exclusive tracks written by dark electro bands all over the world, from big vast Russia and old Europe to hot South America and tireless bands performing across […]

God Destruction - «Redentor»

New album by GOD DESTRUCTION – «Redentor»

Notorious religion rippers GOD DESTRUCTION are ready to present their 3rd full-length album «Redentor». As always sledge and uncompromising sound of these mexicans once again unmasks religion extracting bowels from the most hidden corners of a church. Distorted vocals coupled with hard guitar riffs and forthright hardcore electronics capture the listener's mind by force and […]

Distorted World - "Drowning"

DISTORTED WORLD released new EP “Drowning”

DISTORTED WORLD released a new WEB-EP “Drowning”. The release will include 2 new songs and also several remixes and the new version of song ‘Dream’ taken from the project’s debut full length. The new EP will signalize some changes in the band’s music moving to different and more melodic sound. You can order new EP […]

Insane Sale


50% OFF EVERYTHING IN OUR STORE*! Insane Records announces the month of a crazy special offer – Insane Sale, the sales of everything we have in stock* – CD, digital releases, merchandise, distribution with the crazy 50% off discount!!!   To get the discount you just need to enter the coupon code – insane_sale. The […]

Chamaeleon - "Evil Is Good"

CHAMAELEON finish LP “Evil Is Good”

CHAMAELEON duet is ready to present its second full-length album called “Evil Is Good” to the underground electro world. The song themes are pretty much the same: human characters, feeling, emotions and those taboos a modern man consists of.   The new 13 track LP is noticeably bigger than its predecessor having 11 original songs […]

Psyborg Corp. - "The Frozen Shrines of Obsÿdÿana [Deluxe Edition]"

[Deluxe Edition] of “The Frozen Shrines of Obsÿdÿana” coming soon

The latest album of Colombian Sub-Zero cartel of PSYBORG CORP. is being re-released on November 13th. The latest work of these guys is “The Frozen Shrines of Obsÿdÿana” released on CD by Black Rain / Noitekk label in 2014. Now in cooperation with Insane Records the [Deluxe Edition] is being released. Besides the songs you […]

Sleetgrout - "Farewell, Nit!"


October 12th is the release date of “Farewell, Nit!”, the new EP by the leaders of Russian Dark Electro who started to use unusual ways of songwriting and mix genres on their latest releases actively. “Farewell, Nit!” is the harbinger of the new full-length album and it’s distributed for free. This is the way SLEETGROUT […]

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