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Chamaeleon - «The Game»

3rd LP «The Game» by aggro eurodance killers CHAMAELEON

It’s been a long 6 years since the release of «Evil Is Good», CHAMAELEON‘s second full-length album, released in December 2015. During this time, the fraternal duo released an EP and a single, as well as engaged in the side project AFTEREFFECT, which released the debut album «Krama» in 2019. 6 long years and a […]

SODOMY DOWN THE CROSS - «The Dead Live The Living Kill»

Debut LP by SODOMY DOWN THE CROSS – «The Dead Live The Living Kill»

SODOMY DOWN THE CROSS returns to the underground industrial scene with a new sound to project through its music the mixture of industrial subgenres with dark atmospheres and danceable rhythms, with powerful beats and catchy melodies SODOMY DOWN THE CROSS seeks to musicalize the harsh reality that is lived every day with day in the […]

Van Roy Asylum - «RIP»

Van Roy Asylum – «RIP»

VAN ROY ASYLUM continue their best effort to experiment with the genre and present the new single called «RIP», which is the last release before issuing their new album, diverse both in emotional and stylistic expressions. In support of the song, the project shot their first music video, designed to further develop the tragedy behind the […]

Hypermond. - «Trepalys»

New EP by HYPERMOND. – «Trepålys» is out right now

On November 12, a new EP by the international duo HYPERMOND. was released. The release is available for free download on our official bandcamp page, and within two weeks it will appear for a fee on all significant digital platforms «Trepålys» is the last release of HYPERMOND. in Russian before the first album. Each of […]

Mechanical Paradise - «Music For The Machines»


On September 24, the remix album of the frenzied Mexican project MECHANICAL PARADISE will be released on INSANE RECORDS. «Music For The Machines» is an album / collection of remixes of tracks from past releases from friends of the project. You will be able to hear new reworked versions of tracks from DATA, NOHYCIT, CHRIST […]

GODLESS CROSS - «Listen To The Angels Cry (Insane Edition)»

New EP by GODLESS CROSS – «Listen To The Angels Cry (Insane Edition)»

Today, the digital EP of GODLESS CROSS – «Listen To The Angels Cry (Insane Edition)» released which is an extended version of the previously released single of the same name. The EP includes 5 remixes from REALITY’S DESPAIR, CHEM, NOVA STATE MACHINE, DATA, MACH FOX , as well as a new track ‘A Heart Of Darkness‘, the […]

V/A - «Elektroaggressor Vol.1»

Free compilation «Elektroaggressor Vol.1» is out now!

I have finished working on a new line of compilations «Elektroaggressor Vol.1» 44 tracks in various styles and variations of Aggrotech / Dark Electro / Industrial Metal styles. Projects from all over the world have spent their tracks, most of which have not been previously released, are exclusive or were released in 2020/21, full fresh! […]

Van Roy Asylum - «Zeitgeist»

New single by VAN ROY ASYLUM – «Zeitgeist»

VAN ROY ASYLUM comes back with a brand new release named «Zeigeist» that is aimed to mark the beginning of project’s next level sound style. The song’s lyrical content inherits the explicit nature of narration about the struggles that project members have confronted in the form of depression and drug/alcohol abuse that it caused. «Zeitgeist» […]

Blut Reaktor - «Sins Of The Flesh»

New EP «Sins Of The Flesh» by BLUT REAKTOR

American one-man project BLUT REAKTOR is working on the material without saving electricity and imagination, a month ago the EP «Post Mortem» was released, the first release of the project released under the wing of INSANE RECORDS, and consisting of 6 new tracks. Following in the clip of the project, the similarly digital 6-track EP […]

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