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Expansion of the roster: KHMAR and debut EP «Mrak»

Recently, we have been delighting you with new projects, not only for the label, but also for the entire dark community. The next discovery project is KHMAR


Expansion of the roster: SCARS ARE SOULLESS

We are pleased to introduce a new member of our label – a wonderful American project SCARS ARE SOULLESS. One-man project created by Chip Calise is engaged in the exploration of sound in the spirit of old school Electro Industrial and energetic Harsh EBM, tacking and fusing them together. The only release at the moment dates […]

Nahtaivel — «A World Below»

«A World Below» EP by Brazilian Hellektro project NAHTAIVEL

NAHTAIVEL presents his last opus, an EP called «A World Below» It’s a very harsh, heavy, dark and distorted work. It takes the band’s music to another level of violence and blasphemy that is perfect for the era we are living in. The EP was mastered in Russia by Artem Afanasiev (XXOt, SLEETGROUT) and has 3 new […]


Expansion of the roster: Nahtaivel

NAHTAIVEL is the Brazilian Industrial band formed by Fernando Nahtaivel (who recorded keyboards for several Brazilian extreme metal bands as INSANE DEVOTION, ETERNAL SORROW, GREAT VAST FOREST, MURDER RAPE, AMEN CORNER among several others. NAHTAIVEL has launched several works in the Brazilian EBM/Industrial scene, among them «Killer Speaks», «Midnight Sessions», «Pon Farr» and «Epicus Doomicus Electronicus», you […]

XXOt — «Ажур»

Debut LP «Ажур» by Russian Modern Industrial act XXOT (ex-members of SLEETGROUT & FETISH’IST)

INSANE RECORDS continues some experiments and offers listeners to get acquainted with new members of the label.   XXOT is a look at how the dark scene should sound today from the participants of SLEETGROUT (СЛИТГРАУТ) and FETISH’IST. A mix of industrial and hip hop, electro and punk, metal and synthpop. Inspired by the sleeping […]

God Destruction — «Unholy Trinity»

Rising from the dust Psalm the «Unholy Trinity» by GOD DESTRUCTION

Dark holiday in the yard of all fans of the heaviest electronic and metal music! GOD DESTRUCTION, the gods and progenitors of Black Electro return 2 years later with a new EP, continuing the work of the 2018 single «Reincarnated». On December 12, 2020, we will meet with the «Unholy Trinity» trilogy The Hard, rough […]

Van Roy Asylum — «Suicide King (Insane Edition)

Insane Edition of VAN ROY ASYLUM LP will be out in the end of 2020

Due to the anniversary of «Suicide King» LP, VAN ROY ASYLUM is proud to announce the upcoming release of extended edition supported by the label INSANE RECORDS. The updated record is going to present the full experience that two kindred souls with the names of Van Roy and ABUSER have originally intended to deliver a year ago, […]

Empyres — «The Sirens Call»

3rd single «The Sirens Call» from debut EMPYRES «Cruel Bastards» LP

Third single from debut LP «Cruel Bastards» by symbiosis of VISCERA DRIP and CYNICAL EXISTENCE members, resulted in the most powerful Dark Electro Duo EMPYRES ! The «The Sirens Call» single contains three exclusive remixes from the Latin project ALIEN:NATION, Australian electro industrial project NOVA STATE MACHINE and American duo FRONTAL BOUNDARY The future of the project […]

Chamaeleon — «Scars Of Time»

New single «Scars Of Time» from upcoming CHAMAELEON LP!

The bad boys are back! CHAMAELEON strike with yet another kick ass song! The single «Scars Of Time» serves as a sweet precum to their upcoming…loooong waited third album. CHAMAELEON are always trying to evolve their sound and style, trying new things and at the same time keep their unique identity. ‘Scars Of Time‘ is […]

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