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V/A - «Terror Night Vol.3 Mechanized Occultism»

Third part of «Terror Night» compilations coming soon

We are happy to feature the artwork of the upcoming third part of TERROR NIGHT compilation series called «Mechanized Occultism». This time the compilation includes tracks from such bands NITRO:NOISE, SIVA SIX, CHAMAELEON, VAN ROY ASYLUM, PSYBORG CORP., DISTOXIA, AKTIVEHATE, SYNCFACTORY, JESUS COMPLEX and many other cool projects! We just have to wait for a […]

Distorted World — «Storm And Silence»

3rd LP by DISTORTED WORLD calls «Storm And Silence»

The third longplay by DISTORTED WORLD – «Storm and Silence» is soon to be released. April 14 is set as the date to unleash the new darker sound of the Moscow-based duo. Here’s a teaser of the upcoming album. ​ «Storm and Silence» modifies the band’s sound through its obscure electronic essence. Radiating equanimity at a […]

Jesus Complex — «Live A Little - Die A Little»

3rd LP by JESUS COMPLEX is coming out in March 17

Somber and mysterious project of Reverend Damon Fries closed the doors of his tomb 10 years ago. During that time he had been wandering alone around the corners and halls of his stone “castle” and finally decided to share brand new horror stories with you, so be ready to enter JESUS COMPLEX crypt when heavy […]

Distoxia — «Maniobra Evasiva»

New Insane: DISTOXIA at the dance floor

INSANE RECORDS is excited to announce a new comer on the label. Meet the Chilean solo project called DISTOXIA. DISTOXIA was formed in 2012 by a young man under a pseudonym M. Postmortem from the city of Concepcion, Chile. The author expresses his emotional world and involves the listener into the world of mental and […]

One year of «Redentor» invasion

One year of «Redentor» invasion

Today we celebrate the anniversary! One year has passed since «Redentor» came into this mortal world. Every single minute it reaps a harvest of human souls charmed by its sermons! We decided to reward you for your sacrifice. Welcome the official lyric video of one of the album psalms called ‘Bullshit’! Sale! You can order […]

Jesus Complex

New Insane: JESUS COMPLEX is back from the grave!!!

The gothic industrial project JESUS COMPLEX has returned from the grave after a long absence. JESUS COMPLEX has recorded a new album, «Live A Little – Die A Little», to be released in March 2017 on INSANE RECORDS, after having been on hiatus the last few years. JESUS COMPLEX (from “Reverend” Damon Fries) is heavy, […]

Terror Night Cosplay

«Terror Night Vol.3» is coming

Comrades, we are happy to announce that INSANE RECORDS and TERROR NIGHT radio show have started to work on the third part of the self-titled compilation. The Terror Night compilation series has passed through a rugged and thorny way and conquered the hearts of thousands of dark scene fans. We decided to take it to the next level. […]

Psyborg Corp. - «Synthezoids»

First single «Synthezoids» from upcoming PSYBORG CORP. album

Welcome the first single from PSYBORG CORP’s forthcoming album! The Industrial / Cyberpunk trio reveals the mistery of their upcoming album «Highways to Zenith» by releasing the first single called «Synthezoids» on Russian label INSANE RECORDS.

Insane Records XMAS Sale 2017

XMas sales 2017

New Year’s miracle! INSANE RECORDS is happy to present everyone a discount on any of our shop items*.

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