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Van Roy Asylum

VAN ROY ASYLUM is preparing a new LP

The new teaser by Van Roy Asylum shows the depressive and suicidal atmosphere of the upcoming album. New tracks are soon to come <3

V/A - «Insane Tribute Vol.1 EURODANCE»

The first release of new «Insane Tribute» line is coming

INSANE RECORDS loves experiments and creating original content, therefore, after the launch of «Terror Night» compilations line, the guys announced a brand new project called «Insane Tribute». The pilot release «Insane Tribute Vol.1 EURODANCE» is a tribute to veterans and pioneers of the eponymous genre that undoubtedly had a huge impact on the dark electronic scene. […]

Van Roy Asylum — «Amalgama»

«Amalgama» a new single by VAN ROY ASYLUM

VAN ROY ASYLUM is coming back with his newest single which heralds a long-play album called «Maledictum» realise soon. A participant of recording of this experimental release was an FX/electronic producer Andrew Korolev (a.k.a THE SOLARBURST), who was working with such musicians as ATTILA, WILDWAYS, OUTLINE IN COLOR, LUKE HOLLAND and american producer Cameron Mizell. […]

V/A - «Insane Tribute Vol.1 EURODANCE»

New Line – Insane Tribute

This summer is so hot in Russia: we mean both 40 degree Celsius heat and the World Cup beating all sports records! INSANE RECORDS is always busy at work. The SYNCFACTORY album «Meat Stall» is out on July 13, and we are already announcing the next hot release, that we have put all our passion and energy into.

Syncfactory — «Meat Stall»

Second LP «Meat Stall» by SYNCFACTORY

SYNCFACTORY is back with their second full length album, «Meat Stall»! The basic building blocks are the same as on the debut album «Panopticon»: energetic old school dark electro / EBM with multi-layered melodies and aggressive vocals. However, the songs on ‘Meat Stall’ have a slightly more modern sound, and many of them have a […]

Syncfactory - «Talo»

New single «Talo» by SYNCFACTORY

New single «Talo» is a taster from SYNCFACTORY‘s upcoming second full length album called «Meat Stall».

CyberLich - «Terror Musik»

Debut single «Terror Musik» by CYBERLICH

INSANE RECORDS is excited to announce a new band to the label, the United States-based CYBERLICH. CYBERLICH was formed centuries ago in another realm by an evil sorcerer who sought eternal life and world domination.

New official video by Arian 1

New official video by ARIAN 1

ARIAN 1 recently released their new LP «Signals», received many different positive reviews. Now brothers is ready to present you the new video for the title track from the album!

Psyborg Corp. - «The Silent Marauder»

New single «The Silent Marauder» by PSYBORG CORP.

PSYBORG CORP announces the release of their new single «The Silent Marauder» under the label INSANE RECORDS. After the release of «Synthezoids», the previous single, this track comes as an introduction of the upcoming LP «Highways To Zenith». The band continues warping new songs through the fabric of time and space merging Industrial and Harsh […]

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