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While the lyrics deal with societal and human decline, the supernatural, the occult and aliens, musically REALITY’S DESPAIR can be categorised as ebm / melancholic electro with a strong 90’s feel, and with heavily distorted vocals.
After 2 self released demo’s and an EP between 1996 and 2000, it was long overdue to revive this solo project REALITY’S DESPAIR back in 2017.

The one man project is based in Antwerp (Belgium). All lyrics and music is written, produced, mixed and mastered by DemarcatioN (Tom) himself.

The revival of REALITY’S DESPAIR led to a first self-released album in April, 2018, «Societal Collapse», followed by «Human Transitions» in March 2019, and «Melancholic Disposition» in February, 2020.





  • Tom ‘DemarcatioN’ – Vocals, Lyrics, Music, Production



  • LP «Evil Intent» (1998, CDr / Self-Release)
  • EP «Invasion» (1999, CDr / Self-Release)
  • LP «They Come In Peace» (2000, CDr / Self-Release)
  • LP «Societal Collapse» (2018, CDr & WEB / Self-Release)
  • LP «Human Transitions» (2019, CDr & WEB / Self-Release)
  • LP «Melancholic Disposition » (2020, CDr & WEB / Self-Release)
  • Single «The 509th » (2020, WEB / Self-Release)
  • LP «Perfidious Depopulation» (2021, CD & WEB / Insane Records)