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Release «Terror Night Vol.2 Sounds Of Dead Future»

INSANE RECORDS label and TERROR NIGHT radio show collaboration is ready to release its unique «Terror Night Vol.2 Sounds Of Dead Future» compilation album that consists of 100% exclusive tracks written by dark electro bands all over the world, from big vast Russia and old Europe to hot South America and tireless bands performing across the North American continent.

We have considered all the feedback and constuctive criticism of the first compilation album «Terror Night Vol.1 Industrial Madness» and decided to diversify the tracklist not only with band names, but also with adding some related styles. Here you will hear not only aggressive Hellektro, but also more melodic songs that give a listener a little break from the electronic madness. Indeed, «Terror Night Vol.2 Sounds Of Dead Future» was created not only by the famous and notable musicians! Be ready to meet a lot of emerging and interesting music artists whom you will rush to add into your private music collection.

The compilation design is traditional for INSANE RECORDS label: 6 panel 2 CD Digipak with corporate pocket. The edition is limited to 300 copies! Being eco-friendly we use only high quality materials. The digital copies of the album will be available for purchase only in the INSANE RECORDS official store, as well as on the label bandcamp page.
The release date is scheduled for June 30, 2016!

CD 1

1. Reactor7x – Disorder (v20.16 Harsh Edition)
2. Encono – Visceral Absorption
3. Hell:Sector – ReHumanize
4. Alien Vampires – Harshlizer (Disorder Faith Remix)
5. 00tz 00tz – Ouroboros (Vocal Terror Mix)
6. PreEmptive Strike 0.1 – Death Of Talos Live Mas (feat. Totten Mechanismus)
7. Angels of Suicide – Dancer Diabolus
8. Kill The Sleeper – I Am The Ocean; I Am The Sea
9. Asdeandare – Imprisonment
10. Larva – The Peace Of Suicide
11. Archazard – Revolution In Violence
12. Psyborg Corp. – Of Visions And Blizzards (Subliminal Code Remix)
13. T3RR0R 3RR0R – The God Of Fire (Terror Night Mix)
14. Schwarzblut – Vogala
15. TECHNOLORGY – 23 (Club Mix)
CD 2

1. Nolongerhuman – The Pawn
2. DYM – aDeiu (Terror Night Edition)
3. God Destruction – Redentor (ADRON Remix)
4. Bleeding Corp. – Automatic (Terror Night Edition)
5. Reaxion Guerrilla – Sacrifice (Asinaptico Remix)
6. Viscera Drip – Aggrosex
7. C-lekktor – Juicio Final (Alien:Nation Remix)
8. Thornsectide – City Of Madness
9. Shadow System – Overkill (Exemia Remix)
10. CygnosiC – Crawl (Homicidal Feelings Remix)
11. Benjamin’sPlague – Sunday Night’s Slit Wrist Party
12. Sleetgrout – I Bought Coffins (feat. Cygnosic) (Destructive Noise Remix by Nero Bellum of Psyclon Nine)
13. Chamaeleon – Suppression (Hard Balls Remix by [ Sin.thetic Squad ])
14. Okkulta – Singularity-B
15. Vault-113 – Ami Go Home (Original by Ernst Busch)