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Second LP «Extraterrestrial BIOS Systemshell» by ALIEN:NATION

Alien:Nation - Extraterrestrial BIOS Systemshell

Finally, we are ready to announce a big release! The Colombians ALIEN:NATION have returned from another galaxy after a steep rebranding and learning music culture from an unknown species of life.

The upcoming release will be only the second full-length work of the duo, despite the huge number of remixes, joint tracks and compilations, which speaks of the painstaking and careful work on the continuation of their discography. A lot of self-criticism and 5 years of work resulted in the 2CD LP «Extraterrestrial BIOS Systemshell».

Each CD has its own name, so on the first, title CD 1 – «Input Ritual» there are 12 new tracks that make up the main part of the release. The music of ALIEN: NATION has become much tougher and more aggressive, most likely now you can take as a basis something between Dark Electro & Black Electro, while other genre admixtures, such as Trance and Techno, have not disappeared, one of the tracks has Eurodance, and the LP closes with strong Black Metal. Solo work on some tracks was shared by MIDIAN DITE, SYSTEM NOIRE, CHAMAELEON, CRYPTIC DAWN. The release turned out to be diverse and powerful, forcing you to listen to it to the end!

The next CD 2 – «Output Pact» contains the original track from the recently released single «Misanthropic Affection» and 9 remixes of the track from CROONA, DEVIL-M, LUMYIA, NAHTAIVEL, NIGEN, NOHYCIT, ULTIMATE SOLDIER, WYCHDOKTOR, ТЕХНОГЕНЕТИКА.

«Extraterrestrial BIOS Systemshell» has a beautiful design, which is especially important for CD releases, it looks amazing, and a limited edition of 100 copies gives a collector’s purpose to purchase a physical release


CD 1 – «Input Ritual»
2. Decodificacion Onironauta
3. Inframundo Nephilim
4. Nothing For Nothing feat. Midian Dite
5. Malignant Malware
6. Chkdsk Astral Parasite feat. System Noire
7. Necrofago Interestelar
8. Dimenxional Pleasures feat. Chamaeleon
9. Invocacion A Las Tinieblas
10. Vision Reborn feat. Cryptic Dawn
11. Holographic Deathsphere
12. Blasphemous Alientech Warfare


CD 2 – «Output Pact»
12. Misanthropic Affection
13. Misanthropic Affection (Croona Remix)
14. Misanthropic Affection (Drone Session by Devil-M)
15. Misanthropic Affection (LuMyia Dark Remix)
16. Misanthropic Affection (Nahtaivel Remix)
17. Misanthropic Affection (Nigen Remix)
18. Misanthropic Affection (Nohycit Remix)
19. Misanthropic Affection (Ultimate Soldier)
20. Misanthropic Affection (Wychdoktor Remix)
21. Misanthropic Affection (Техногенетика Remix)


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Release Date: July 9, 2021
INSANE RECORDS / INSCD #025 / INSDigital #025
2xCD, 6 panel Digipak with Slipcase, Pit Art Technology, hand numbered copies.
Limited Edition: 100 copies
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