Dark Independent Label


Shinigami IND

SHINIGAMI IND arises from the goal of Kira, the only member of the project, with the intention of expressing with genres such as Dark Electro, Aggrotech, Industrial Techno, Harsh Electro, in a purely instrumental way in 2007 and materializing in 2010 having its first presentation In the city of Merida Yucatan Mexico, unfortunately the project had a recession from 2013 to 2019, already living in the city of Veracruz Mexico, where it resumed changing the concept a bit, keeping the roots of the project, but already having a vocal part.

In 2020 he manages to release his first EP with the name «Dead Man In The Wonderland», having an excellent acceptance, in addition to being able to participate in several international compilations and supporting different bands with various remixes positioning, plus the project both in Mexico and internationally.




  • Kira – Vocal, Music, Lyrics



  • EP «Dead Man In The Wonderland» (2020, WEB / Electrosound)