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bog~morok - Неизбежность
bog~morok - Неизбежностьbog~morok - Неизбежность

Bog[~]morok – Неизбежность

  • 1. Неизбежность
  • 2. Nyctalopia [Burning Darkness Mix]
  • 3. Scream [Michael Jackson Cover]
  • 4. L.I.F.E.
  • 5. Dead Trip [Zombie Hunter pt. 2]
  • 6. Неизбежность [Kos Klimenko Remix]
  • 7. Неизбежность [Reactor Remix]
  • 8. Неизбежность [Type V Blood Remix]
  • 9. Г.М.О. [Burning Toxins Mix]
  • 10. Н2O [Burning Waters Mix]
  • 11. Take Me Away [Burning All Mix]
  • 12. Пирогенез [Burning Inside Mix]
  • 13. Decadence [Burning Shit Mix]
  • 14. Лишь Мечта… [Burning Dream Mix]


  • Label: Artificial Sun
  • Catalog Number: ArtSunCD #002
  • Release date: 2012
  • Genre: Industrialized Nu Metal
  • Country: Russia
  • Form: CD, Jewel Case, 8 page booklet


€ 5.99

Product Description

Imminence” – is a significant EP by industrialized Nu Metal band from Rybinsk town – BOG[~]MOROK. During their 15 years on stage the band managed to come to light in such genres as Black Metal, Death Metal and Nu Metal. In this work the founder of the band Ilya Korzov decided to deepen into industrial culture and “Imminence” CD is an another step to the cybernization of our minds.
The release of the EP is confined to the publishing of the band’s new album “Industrialypse”.
Besides the new tracks the CD includes series of mixes from the band itself called “Burning remixes” so the fans can listen to the old hits of the band remade in an industrial way. Also the CD includes track ‘Scream’ (Michael Jackson cover) and some title track remixes by REACTOR, TYPE V BLOOD, KOS KLIMENKO.