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Chamaeleon - "Suppression"

Chamaeleon – “Suppression”

“Supression” is a powerful and energetic prequel to the second full-length work of Greek-Russian duet based in England. This trending track has already got its own music video. It bore a lot of opinions and arguments about the musicians' interior life but one thing is clear for everyone – the project has grown up since its debut work and it is ready to blow up players with new extremely catchy melodies.
Besides the original track this EP includes instrumental 'Foot Fetish' and two strong remixes on the title track from Mexico and Italy.

  • 01.Suppression
  • 02.Foot Fetish
  • 03.Suppression (Exemia Remix)
  • 04.Suppression (Synapsyche Remix)


  • Label: Insane Records
  • Catalog Number: INSDigital #005/1
  • Release date: July 17, 2015
  • Genre: Aggrotech / Eurodance
  • Country: Greece / England
  • Form: 4 tracks, FLAC + MP3 320 CBR


€ 1.99

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