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Sleetgrout - "Rotten Reverie"

Sleetgrout – “Rotten Reverie”


  • 1. Pay For My Time
  • 2. Rotten Reverie
  • 3. W.E.
  • 4. Sleep My Angel
  • 5. The Lines And Red
  • 6. Answer By Question
  • 7. Rotten Reverie (Dirty Bitch Remix By Nursery Rhymes)
  • 8. Answer By Question (Temptation86mix By Wynardtage)
  • 9. Rotten Reverie (The Synthetic Dream Foundation Mix)
  • 10. W.E. (Mechanical Moth Mix)
  • 11. Rotten Reverie (Ginger Snap5 Mix)
  • 12. Sleep My Angel (Eratta Mix)
  • 13. Rotten Reverie (Magnetic Mix By Virgin Fix)
  • 14. Rotten Reverie (Kardioslave Mix)


  • Label: Shadowplay Records
  • Catalog number: SPR 079
  • Year: 2008
  • Genre: Dark Electro / Trance / Aggrotech
  • Country: Russia
  • Form: CD, Jewel Vox, 4 page booklet


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Product Description

SLEETGROUT’s bebut EP “Rotten Reverie” have become opening of the year on Russian electro-stage. It is a fair portion of trotyl which will not let you stay still those who has had time to smell gunpowder.
You will not find here songs about a collapse, an apocalypse and nuclear catastrophes. This release is devoted exclusively to the feelings familiar to everything, but they are shown from absolutely unusual side from what the disk becomes even more explosive. It is rigid realism of high feelings, their real embodiment. It is impossible to perceive separately music from the text. Tracks create that sensation when you understand, that all dreams are at all spoiled.
Music is not just Hellish Electro, in it Techno echoes and precise parallels with classics Trance are traced. Finally it is synthesis from smashing beats, the melodies, not deprived originality, and a class harsh-vocal. It is the music, capable to revive practically any dancefloor.
Besides original tracks of SLEETGROUT there are remixes from NURZERY RHYMES (GER), WYNARDTAGE (GER), SYNTHETIC DREAM FOUNDATION (USA), MECHANICAL MOTH (GER), GINGER SNAP5 (UA) are presented, etc. Each remix bears on itself a print of individuality of its author, expanding with that a stylistic range of a material elements Dark Electro, IDM, Synth-Goth, EBM and Techno.