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Sculptor - "Pact With The Doomed"

Sculptor – “Pact With The Doomed”


  • 1. Into the Deceitful Twilight of Bliss
  • 2. The Grief is Dumb
  • 3. The Spleen
  • 4. To the Lamenting Ones
  • 5. Expanse of Devastation
  • 6. Pact with the Doomed
  • 7. In the Call of the Walls


  • Label: Darknagar Records
  • Catalog number: DNR 018
  • Year: 2013
  • Genre: Death Doom Metal
  • Country: Russia
  • Form: CD, 6-panel Digipack, Booklet


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Product Description

“Pact with the Doomed” is a brand new long-awaited opus by SCULPTOR, a master of dark and depressed moods. The album contains 1 instrumental track and 6 complete songs with the lenght varied from 10 to 17 minutes. Stylistically it is Death Doom Metal with truly a funeral atmosphere which is rarely even in Funeral Doom Metal. During the listening such lenght of tracks seems to be justified – the music abounds with dissonant acoustic interludes, powerful Death Metal riffs etc. It is perhaps one of the darkest examples of Death Doom Metal with the original uncompromising mournful atmosphere.