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Hydra Division V - "Ostracized"

Hydra Division V – “Ostracized”


  • 1. Ostracized
  • 2. Hell As Phoenix Rises
  • 3. Refractory
  • 4. Get Off My Back
  • 5. Desire And Destruction
  • 6. Wake Up Bleeding
  • 7. Legion
  • 8. ManHunter
  • 9. Hydra [Ear Scrapping Chaos Version]
  • 10. SanKtuary [When Violence Takes Control]
  • 11. Ostracized (Acylum Remix)
  • 12. Wake Up Bleeding (Chikatilo mix by Larva)


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  • Label: Artificial Sun
  • Catalog Number: ArtSunDigital #009
  • Release date: 2012
  • Genre: Aggrotech
  • Country: Greece
  • Form: Digital 12 tracks, FLAC + MP3 320 CBR


€ 7.99

Product Description

The debut LP of Greek project HYDRA DIVISION V took 6 long years to prepare. During that period the separate tracks of the musicians came to light in big European magazines and compilations so it made the fans of the genre look forward to hearing the full-length release. And then ill-fated 2012th year of apocalypse began and in the end of April long-awaited album called “Ostracized” was released.

Osctracism is exile of outstanding people whose popularity, talent, wealth, influence and might undermine the political system (as a last resort – liquidation) from a country by its government.

Ostracized” is a powerful mix of Classical Greek mythology with modern Aggrotech wave bound to brutality and powerful dance beats. The bonus part of the CD includes 2 remixes from ACYLUM and LARVA.
One of the biggest webzines named the project “the mix of SUICIDE COMMANDO and COMBICHRIST”!
Mixed and mastered by Jan L. (X-FUSION, NOISUF-X).