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«Terror Night Vol.3» is coming

Comrades, we are happy to announce that INSANE RECORDS and TERROR NIGHT radio show have started to work on the third part of the self-titled compilation.

The Terror Night compilation series has passed through a rugged and thorny way and conquered the hearts of thousands of dark scene fans. We decided to take it to the next level. We plan to release new parts of the series every year!

We are proud that such prominent musical projects as PSYCLON NINE, DIE SEKTOR, NITRO/NOISE, ALIEN VAMPIRES, SLEETGROUT, SIVA SIX, PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1, CYGNOSIC, C-LEKKTOR, GOD DESTRUCTION, PSYBORG CORP. and many others have already contributed to Terror Night compilations.


It’s not a secret that we didn’t succeed in everything we’ve planned to do on the first compilation, «Terror Night Vol.1 Industrial Madness», but we took account of all reviews and positive/negative feedback. The second compilation named «Terror Night Vol.2 Sounds Of The Dead Future» was rid of the shortcomings of the debut part and strengthened by excellent musical content. As a result of the upgrade the product was rated very highly by both the listeners and music critics from around the world.

In the third compilation, we intend to go deeper and add unknown but promising projects to your favorite ones. Be sure this new part turns out to be more breathtaking and mind-blowing than the previous 2 albums!

Any musician / project can send us its participation request. Original tracks are preferred.
The tracklist is limited to 30 songs and we have a preliminary list of groups so this is your last chance to be involved in such a huge project. Please contact us on the email below and complete the registration process (we will discuss the terms and decide whether it is good for both parties). Registration is compulsory so that we don’t have to refuse somebody because of the poor quality of their track, or if the list of participants is full now, or other situations.


Filling in the participation request form is easy, just follow the rules below.

The track must be a completed composition put into a .rar file. The archive must include the following:

  • 1. The mastered track in .mp3 format
  • 2. The unmastered version of the track in .wav format. (No dynamic processors on master section)
  • 2.1. Sample rate not more than 44.1 kHz
  • 2.2. Bit depth not less than 24 bit

Please send the fully finished .rar file to terrornight[@]insane-records.com and put the name of your project as a letter subject.

Deadline: April 1, 2017


For our part we ask all participants to be ready for the basic conditions of taking part in our compilation:

  • 1. The track must not be published, shared or somehow available on the web until the release of the compilation.
  • 2. The track must not be released elsewhere during 1 year since the compilation has been released.
  • 3. By sending us the track you agree with our marketing license and entirely let us sell digital versions of this track included in the compilation on such platforms as www.insane-records.com & bandcamp, itunes, spotify, amazon etc.