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DISTOXIA Biography

DistoxiaM.Postmortem born in Concepción Chile. Bored of garbage boy band sound and crappy pop music commonly sang by his classmates and social enemies he experimented with noises, loops, samples, software, low cost synthesizers and junk computers looking for an ideal sound in absolute social isolation. Years later due to several problematic and nefarious experiences in his life under consequence of the anger, mental pain and madness he decide to create DISTOXIA. His lyrics (only in Spanish) talks about social vehemence, mental disorders, phobias, psychological and physical violence defining a musical sound in constant progress since 2012 when he released the first EP like an independent project influenced by E.B.M., Synth, Electro Industrial, Hardtrance and others genres.




  • M.Postmortem – Vocal, Music, Lyrics



  • EP «Brote Psicótico» (2012, WEB / Self-Release)
  • EP «Alteración Nociva» (2012, WEB / Self-Release)
  • EP «Naturaleza Humana» (2013, WEB / Self-Release)
  • EP «Al Borde Del Abismo» (2015, WEB / Self-Release)
  • LP «Fuga Sensorial» (2015, WEB / Self-Release)
  • EP «Maniobra Evasiva» (2017, WEB / Insane Records)
  • LP «Visiones De Medianoche» (2018, CD & WEB / Insane Records)
  • Single «Conjurador Astral» (2021, WEB / Insane Records)
  • LP «Genocidio Espiritual» (2021, CD & WEB / Insane Records)