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Chamaeleon - "SicK | perVerTed"
Chamaeleon - "SicK | perVerTed"Chamaeleon - "SicK | perVerTed"

Chamaeleon – “SicK | perVerTed”


  • 1. Out Of Control
  • 2. The Point Of No Return
  • 3. Sick And Perverted
  • 4. Into The Unknown
  • 5. Beyond Reality
  • 6. Transformation Complete
  • 7. Vengeance
  • 8. Out Of Control (Schizo Remix by Headshock)
  • 9. The Point Of No Return (Life After Death Remix by Biomechanimal)


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  • Label: Artificial Sun
  • Catalog Number: ArtSunCD #016
  • Release date: 2012
  • Genre: Aggrotech
  • Country: Greece
  • Form: CD, Jewel Case, 8 page booklet
  • Edition: 500 copies


€ 9.99

Product Description

The project consists of 2 brothers: Alex (vocals) and Azie (programming). The album called “SicK | perverted” can be described as a mix of tough dance beats and violent lyrics filled with obscene language. According to the band’s opinion they are fed up with European school Aggrotech music and therefore they recorded the album based on Latin-American school experience. Making the tracks the used 2 types of vocals: harsh and clean, which complete and charge a track with twisted melody. Lyrics are full of aggression and obscene language so it’s a dedication to the fans of tough beats splattered with hatred and anger…
The critics named the sound of CHAMAELEON “Eurodance in Dark adaptation”.