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The debut of new range of «TERROR NIGHT» releases

Our publisher always searches for new and original moves, works on improving the musical part and quality of CD releases and merchandise because we love our buyers and subscribers!
That’s why we are ready to share some interesting news with you. As you’ve already guessed we launched branded range of compilations «Terror Night» developed in cooperation with a same-titled radio show. Last week we announced it to the in-crowd of people who keep an eye on our website, social networks pages, e-mail subscribers. 2 CD «Terror Night Vol.1 Industrial Madness» release becomes the first chapter of a new saga. It includes 30 absolutely new tracks, remixes etc.
Quality and exclusiveness are ones of the most important factors of our compilation and the label in whole.

As the result the tracklist is quite interesting:

    CD 1

  • 01.Aim&Execute – Oligochaeta
  • 02.Encono – Social Anatomy
  • 03.A.D.R.O.N. – Least Total Denominator (feat. Subliminal Code)
  • 04.Die Sektor – Luna Frequency
  • 05.Alien Vampires – Harsh Drugs & BDSM (Totten Mechanismus Remix)
  • 06.PerfectHate – Ebola
  • 07.Venal Flesh – Leprosy (Terror Night Version)
  • 08.[Sin.thetic Squad] – Frailty
  • 09.Stahlnebel & Black Selket – Deadly Perception [Ich Sehe Tote Menschen]
  • 10.FGFC820 – Democracy (Viscera Drip Remix)
  • 11.Chamaeleon – The Inner Beast
  • 12.Terrorgazm – I Am The Way (C-Lekktor Remix)
  • 13.A7IE – The Only Man In The World (Distorted World Remix)
  • 14.Larva – I Walk Alone
  • 15.Mordacious – Transcend
    CD 2

  • 01.Freakangel – The Ones To Fall (Chamaeleon Remix)
  • 02.Distorted World – Grey Abomination (feat. Svar Of Radigost)
  • 03.Acylum – Born To Be Hated (Xentrifuge Remix)
  • 04.Bestias De Asalto – Desbaratando Cuerpos
  • 05.C-Lekktor – Despues Del Apocalipsis (A.D.R.O.N. Remix)
  • 06.Exemia – Worthless (feat. Encono)
  • 07.Sleetgrout – Special Night
  • 08.Mordacious – 5 Nails
  • 09.Siva Six – Superstition (Electric Resistance Remix)
  • 10.Totten Mechanismus – The War Song (feat. Freaky Mind)
  • 11.Nitro Noise – Want Some (Encono Remix)
  • 12.Studio-X vs. Simon Carter – Angels Of The Dark (Synapsyche Remix)
  • 13.Psyborg Corp. – The Supernova Defiler
  • 14.[aesthetische] – Here Today (Club Shot Mix)
  • 15.t_error 404 – Away

How does it look and sound practically? Well, soon we’ll show you a video footage with samples from the tracks so you’ll be able to draw an intermediate conclusion yourself.
In accordance with our tradition the CD package includes:

  • 2 CD, Pit Art picture, matted 6-panel Digipack, matted double-layer Slipcase, handnumbered.

Also you will be able to purchase a digital version of our release ONLY on our website in the Digital section.

Moreover, we’ve prepared branded T-shirts dedicated to a radio show “Terror Night” and the release of same-name compilation «Terror Night Vol.1 Industrial Madness». The T-shirts are strongly limited, we’ve used Super Premium class production of the legendary American brand Fruit Of The Loom (205 gram texture, 100% cotton).


For those who wants to offer both the CD and the T-shirt we’ve prepared a special pack with 10% off