Dark Independent Label

A.D.R.O.N. Biography

A.D.R.O.N.A.D.R.O.N. or Active Device of Radiation Our Negative

A.D.R.O.N. music brings you into the horrifying post-industrial world full of machines and psyborgs. Every song is filled to overflowing with unbridled anger and aggression to all living beings who lead their miserable existence so blind and blithely. The heavy ominous sound literally pushes a listener to the universe of infinite hatred, pain and genocide. Every word by A.D.R.O.N. is a verdict that serves only one purpose, to warn us of the total obedience to the terrifying ugly image of the Titanium icon that symbolizes pure evil.




  • Frion – Vocal, Music, Lyrics
  • Wit Phagos – Guitar
  • Acris – DJ



  • LP «K.O.B.A. -0.0.» (2008, WEB / Self-Release)
  • LP «The Time Of Flesh Has Passed» (2009, WEB / Self-Release)
  • LP «Be Subordinated» (2012, WEB / Self-Release)