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Arian 1

It all started during 1992 in the city of Lima (Perú), with brothers Eduardo and Cesar Leiva. They began as most musicians of the time, in garage bands, trying different trends and sounds of the underground scene in Lima. It is in that time when they decided to name the band ARIAN 1 after the French space program and rocket, which meant a great deal of always changing and evolving technology. In the beginning, they experimented with different styles of electronic music which later (1993-94) were defined as “EBM” [electronic body music].

After a long break [2000 – 2006], ARIAN 1 comes back in 2007 with a New Single [CD + DVD] called: «Machine Gun» under the Peruvian label TDV, also they presented a video clip for this release filmed in New York and Los Angeles, Ca. (under film directors: Irina Garmash & Marco Ortiz). The 2009 release was the «Evolution» LP [Limited Edition] launched in June by the sponsor SKYSHIELD OPERATIONS. In fact some time before launch Eduardo´s invited Mariano López (ex VIGILANTE Keyboards) to Join the new line-up of the band.
The last 2010 release was «Immersion» LP in this work they began and experimented with different styles like futurepop. Then the band signed with Latin American label ORION RECORDS and then started a new era in cooperation and distribution with the best and most influence alternative labels like BLACK MEDIA GROUP. On June 2011 ARIAN 1 started the global IMMERSION TOUR and weeks later then joined the “Wave Gothic Treffen (20th anniversary) Line Up” the band showed an unforgetable live act as the First Peruvian Electro Band to participate in one of the most important Festivals in Europe.

On 2016 the band returned to the scene with a new EP called «Cyro», a new sound with consistent electronic beats, this release has current proposal but without loose their characteristic electro-dark ADN. On August the band released a the Compilation called «Integration» under the Russian label RAZGROM MUSIC.

Another release to close the 2016 was «Binary Single» under the Chilean label ORION RECORDS.

The next November 2017 band released a new Album, called «Signals» with 12 new tracks available on digital and CD under the Russian label INSANE RECORDS.

ARIAN 1 are probably best described as a harder Futurepop-Electro mixed with some dark electronic beats. With easy, but yet very addictive melodies that easily struck on your mind.





  • Eduardo Leiva – Vocals, Music, Live Perfomance
  • Cesar Leiva – Music, Sound, Live Keyboards



  • Single «Machine Gun» (2007, CD+DVD / TDV)
  • LP «Evolution» (2009, CD & WEB / Skyshield)
  • LP «Immersion (Global Edition)» (2010, CD & WEB / Orion Records)
  • EP «Cyro» (2016, CD & WEB / Sony Music Peru)
  • Single «Binary» (2016, WEB / Orion Records)
  • Compilation «Integration» (2016, CD & WEB / Razgrom Music)
  • LP «Signals» (2017, CD & WEB / Insane Records)