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CHEM Biography


CHEM is an Dark Electro/Darksynth project from Belarus. It has existed as an idea since 2005. In 2010/11, two demo albums were recorded, which were never released. Since 2016, the project has started live performances. In the same year, the first official album, «Norma», was released. In 2020, the second album – «Zdani» is released, in parallel, the project releases remixes and participates in various compilations, such as «Face The Beat: Session 6» and «DARK VIRUS X – MAS». The main themes of the texts are a Man inside his head and                                                                                       Schizophrenia in any form.

We are what will be written on our tombstone.





  • Chem – The One
  • Helga – Art, Female Vox



  • LP «Norma» (2016, WEB / Tenebris Records)
  • Single «Varjat» (2017, WEB / Self-release)
  • Single «Kamień» (2019, WEB / Self-release)
  • Single «Sum» (2019, WEB / Self-release)
  • Single «Maleńkaja Bomba (feat. Ń)» (2019, WEB / Self-release)
  • Single «Farby (feat. Helga)» (2020, WEB / Russian Dark Community)
  • LP «Zdani» (2020, WEB / Russian Dark Community)
  • Single «Feniks (feat. Helga)» (2020, WEB / Russian Dark Community)
  • Single «Biez Nas» (2021, WEB / Insane Records)