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ENCONO Biography

EnconoThe history of this project begins in 2007 under the name of ILLUSION. It was a time when Loki started to learn sound editing programs and to experiment with some music. Later, in 2009, when the first normal tracks had to appear Kormery joined the project as a vocalist and guys decided to change the name of the band to ENCONO. They started to work with completed full-length tracks. Some of this tracks was recorded but subsequently lost. The project had no movements and no any promotions because of inner disputes and controversy. Loki started to think about futility of the band it was almost closed. But in 2013 Kormery left the project and Asteroth came to his place with his wife Jilt to the place of stage support. They was in Krasnoyarsk band INFEKTLINE before (2007-2012). New vocalist also took a place of a manager of the band and it started to live again. In October 2013 band released a 3 tracks demo «E.D.» by themselves and had a good reviews of it. Later in November they had a 8 cities tour in Russia with famous European dark-electro bands A7IE (France) and LARVA (Spain). In 2014 the prject releases EP «Existential Embryos’ Playground» or ‘E.E.P.’ on russian-european label INSANE RECORDS, which they presented with a COMBICHRIST supporting live-show in Moscow and on a ‘Stalingrad industrial open air’ festival in Volgograd as one of the headliners. Later this release burst in German electronic web-charts to the 4th place. In November the band had a mini-tour over Siberia with russian top aggrotech band SLEETGROUT. Then they radically revised whole band conception and a sound direction and a guitarist joins the band – Archie (known for his projects VIRGIN FIX, DIGITAL KAOS, DIEZEL XZAUST). In March 2015 the band performed again as a supperter of world top dark electro band HOCICO and went in tour over 8 russian cities at the autumn of the same year. At the moment they working on a new tracks for their first LP.

So, ENCONO is a gloomy and atmospheric sound, stage charisma, ability to lead the audience and also it’s a powerful show.




  • Ivan ‘Loki’ – Music, Live-keyboards
  • Anton ‘Asteroth’ – Vocals, Lyrics
  • Arthur ‘Archie’ – Music, Guitars
  • Sofya ‘Jilt’ – Vocals, Stage support