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Pro Patria

Originally from Veracruz, Mexico, GODLESS CROSS was born in 2016 as a solo project of Al Van Bergstein (VOX HUMANA), in the need to create music with darker and aggressive atmospheres and rhythms, based on Dark Electro, Metal, Industrial and EBM. Looking for a sound that characterizes their atmospheres and dark melodies. Proposing a sound with marked drums, guitar riffs and metal vocals, with themes that address from religion, paganism, occultism, all as a criticism, satire or reflection of the reality we live in this decadent society without apparent direction, fears, delusions, depression, desires, violence, perversions, to expose the darkest and most twisted corners of the human mind. In December 2020 he releases his first single and video «Listen To The Angels Cry», which was very well received causing acceptance within the scene. In 2019 Xibalba (Guitar, Synths, Live) joins the band, consolidating the project. So far in 2021, it has participated in the Italian international compilation: «E:B:M Nation», the international compilation «We Are Not Safe Yet», the Mexican compilation «Codex One Vol 3. this is not the end», and the Russian compilation «Dark Sources».




  • Al Van Bergstein – Lyrics, Music, Vocals
  • Xibalba – Live Support



  • Single «Listen To The Angels Cry» (2020, WEB / No Devotion Records)