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New LP by REALITY’S DESPAIR – «Perfidious Depopulation»

Reality's Despair - «Perfidious Depopulation»REALITY’S DESPAIR is a Belgian one-man project with a complex and long history, the project was formed in 1997 and over the next three years independently released several releases, after which it was frozen for 18 years.

After many years of wandering, Tom found a new impulse and began to work on new tracks, releasing 3 more albums and a single on his own. In 2021 we were lucky enough to meet and we are happy to announce a new collaboration between REALITY’S DESPAIR and INSANE RECORDS
The new full-length album of the project will be «Perfidious Depopulation». The work consists of eleven original tracks, as well as three reworked versions. The music of REALITY’S DESPAIR can be described as a mixture of EBM and Dark Electro, with straight EBM beats interspersed with Future dance elements, enriched with distorted vocals that are not typical of these genres. REALITY’S DESPAIR touches on a wide range of topics, ranging from social and human issues to occult and supernatural themes, which gives additional diversity when listening to the LP.


1. Oasphe Collapsing
2. Our Future Is Cold
3. The509th
4. This Tormenting
5. Extinction Event
6. Cytokine Storm
7. 1952 Flyby
8. Evil Intent
9. Distance Kills Existence
10. The Cold Room
11. A Shadow In The Fog
12. Our Future Is Cold (Extended)
13. Cytokine Storm (Club Edit)
14. Distance Kills Existence (Club Edit)


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Release Date: April 17, 2021
INSANE RECORDS / INSCD #025 / INSDigital #025
CD, 6 panel Digipak with Slipcase, Pit Art Technology, hand numbered copies.
Limited Edition: 100 copies
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