Dark Independent Label


SleetgroutSLEETGROUT – one of the brightest representatives of the underground electronic music of Russia! In the first place in the music of these guys was always melodic and powerful energy dance music. Over the years, the band released 2 EP and 2 longplay albums and cooperated with all current dark electro and EBM projects. Released in 2008 the first EP «Rotten Reverie» immediately became famous for explosive original songs and co-operation with WYNARDTAGE and [NYRZERY]RHYMES.
Next EP was released in 2010 – «Principle Of Dark Electro». This release includes one of the most famous songs by the band – ‘Another‘, and the cooperation with ALIEN VAMPIRES, ESC and STUDIO-X made this release a memorable one for fans of dark electro. In the same year SLEETGROUT went in first tour by Russia and visited all the major cities.
The real breakthrough came longplay «We Had A Carnival». This album was released in 2012 in Russia, and in 2013 as a special edition for the United States. For the American version were added remixes by AESTHETIC PERFECTION, NITRO/NOISE, DETROIT DIESEL and SIN:DNA. The song ‘Results‘ was used in an advertising campaign for the film festival Germany After Dark Horror Festival in 2013.
The next step was the release of the album «TRY to DIE», the work on which was attended by legendary artists – SUICIDE COMMANDO, AMDUSCIA, CENOBITA etc.
SLEETGROUT music became more melodic and friendly to their audience, but still powerful emotional pressure allowed the group to seriously expand the audience and finally form their own style.




Line Up:

  • Igor Zhukov – Music, Lyrics, Vocal
  • Artem Afanasev – Music, Guitar
  • Margarita Kravcova – Keys
  • Sergey Lysenko – Drums



  • EP «Rotten Reverie» (2008, CD & WEB / Shadowplay Records)
  • EP «Principle of Dark Electro» (2010, CD & WEB / Shadowplay Records)
  • LP «We Had A Carnival» (2012, CD & WEB / Shadowplay Records & Vendetta Music)
  • LP «TRY to DIE» (2014, CD & WEB / Insane Records)
  • EP «Farewell, Nit!» (2015, WEB / Insane Records)
  • LP «Я Здесь Один» (2016, WEB / Self Release)