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Syncfactory — «Man»

3rd LP by SYNCFACTORY – «Man»

You thought we were dead, but almost a year of silence from INSANE RECORDS ends here and now! At the end of September, the third full-length album by Finnish Electro Industrial band SYNCFACTORY will be released on our label! LP «Man» continues the amazing performance and creative thinking of the guys «Man» can be thought […]

Van Roy Asylum — «Kill Yourself III»

New cover-single by VAN ROY ASYLUM – «Kill Yourself III»

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of one of the most notorious works by a world-famous duo $uicideboy$, a team from Russia called VAN ROY ASYLUM known by their explosive LP «Suicide King» decided to compose their own vision of the song, throwing some stylish, massive electronics as well as harsh vocals to the mix. The […]

Empyres — «Cruel Bastards»

Debut LP «Cruel Bastards» by EMPYRES!!!

Meet the debut LP from the American/Swedish duo EMPYRES! EMPYRES, a brand new name in Dark Electro orbit. In this case, one can not call the duet a “novice”, since it consists of Justin Thiele (VISCERA DRIP) & Fredrik Croona (CYNICAL EXISTENCE, CROONA, ROTNCORE). They are quite experienced and famous guys for making a sonic resonance, […]

Empyres - «The Immortals»

Debut single «The Immortals» by EMPYRES

A lot of time has passed since new bands joined INSANE RECORDS… We got bored too, but now the time has come, and finally, the fresh bloody mixture oiled the rusty gear wheels of our post-industrial mechanism! We are creaking and ready to deliver new music to your dance floors! Meet the American Swedish project EMPYRES, […]

Chamaeleon - «Fear»

CHAMAELEON blow up the dance floors with new EP «Fear»

We are sure you missed some shock and dance tunes of CHAMAELEON? Of course you did, because 4 years have passed since the release of «Evil Is Good», and all this time the project entertained us with remixes or B-sides on the «Terror Night» compilations… But it happened! Dark Eurodance masters are ready to present a new EP «Fear» consisting entirely […]

Van Roy Asylum - «Maledictum»

New single «Maledictum» by VAN ROY ASYLUM

VAN ROY ASYLUM represents the next single «Maledictum» that tells us about the current state of the scene in some way. The track pulsates with power, force and aggression, not allowing the listener to relax a second. With this single, VAN ROY ASYLUM is transformed from one man band into a duet. The second vocalist ABUSER joined the project in the last […]

Jesus Complex — «Welcome To My Nightmare»

4th LP by JESUS COMPLEX ready to shoot

INSANE RECORDS is ready to present a fourth full-length album by JESUS COMPLEX, an electronic gothic project from the Netherlands. The new album by Damon Fries is called «Welcome To My Nightmare». This conceptual work embodies the author’s mind captured by fantasies and fears. The lyrics reveals how the population of metropolises suffers from internal […]

Van Roy Asylum — «Gaslighers»

Next single by VAN ROY ASYLUM — «Gaslighters»

VAN ROY ASYLUM introduces his third single «Gaslighters» which is the heaviest track in the project history. «Gaslighters» is a little trip into the world of childhood mental traumas and psychosis, that will immerse you into a maniacal-depressive atmosphere. Single is going to end this trilogy of experimental releases, which was started by «Amalgama» and […]


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